I Am Special Activity

Last year, I did a really fun activity with my kids. They loved it then and they really loved it again this year. So, I just had to share!!

IAmSpecial ActivityPage byElaineG@TheSchoolhouse SAMPLE

In the big open space, they draw a picture of themselves. They need to see what makes them special like the color of their hair, skin, eyes, and so on. Of course, they’re little ones, so they’re far from perfect, but they sure are fun!!

There’s also an area to put stickers down with their name on them or glue letters down. There’s also a blank line for them to write their names. On the side, there’s a cute poem about being unique. Finally, on the side, they can also put their fingerprint under the magnifying glass. Why??  Because each of us has a fingerprint that is unique to only us!!  To do this part, we just used an ink pad.

If you’re interested in this activity page, just click to….


Here are some photos my kids in action with this page this year.  You’ll notice that I forgot my stickers at home, so we made due and used letter beads!!

I Am Special

If you use this page, please leave a comment and let me know if your kids enjoyed it as much as mine did!!



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Christian Halloween

For so many Christians, Halloween is a time when they struggle.  There’s always the battle of is it alright to celebrate Halloween or not.  For me, it’s never been an issue.  I grew up trick-or-treating and still have just as strong, if not stronger faith.  My belief is that Halloween only has to be as demonic as you make it.

I have two blog reader exclusives for you today that might help bring the Christian spirit to your Halloween.

The first is a treat bag with 2 Corinthians 4 on it.  It uses an adorable cross in the pumpkin patch graphic.  Print 2 copies and glue together.  These would make great treat bags to pass goodies out to trick-or-treaters, take to a church fall harvest event, use in a Christian school, and there’s so many other ways to use them.

Here’s a thumbnail view of the bag….

If you’d like to download this Christian Halloween treat bag, just click to….

The second item that I created to share is a seed packet.  The adorable graphic on the front says “Christians are like pumpkins”.  The back features the poem to the same title on the front.  I put pumpkin seeds inside of mine and passed them out to the kids in my class so that they can spread…..and grow….the Christian spirit.  These could easily be passed out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween to spread the word, shared a church harvest festivals, and used for so many other events. 

Here’s a thumbnail view of the seed packet…..

If you’d like to download this Christian seed packet, just click to…..

I have one more goodie!!  Wednesday after my religion class, I posted the craft that I did with my class on my family blog.  It’s the “Pumpkin Prayer” and it’s based on the book by Liz Curtis Higgs.  I’d like to also share it with you, so if you go to this  post, you can read about it and download it as well.

I hope that you and yours have a very happy, safe, fun, and blessed Halloween!!  Please remember that I always appreciate your comments and feedback on the materials that I create. Also, I’d love it if you’d vote for my blog by clicking the button below too….thanks!!

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