Ash Wednesday Fun and Learning

Last night’s lesson was all about Ash Wednesday and how it’s the first day of Lent.  Advent and Lent are always interesting concepts to teach the kids when it’s all about “waiting” and “preparing”.  At their age, they’re just ready for Santa and the Easter Bunny.  They soak up the information like sponges!!

AshWednesday-Ashes byElaineG 1SAMPLE

After our discussion about Lent, we focused on Ash Wednesday and did this activity page.  Since we attend mass as part of class on Ash Wednesday, it’s important the kids know all about the ashes so they know what to expect.  After that, we practiced for mass….several times!!  Our final activity was a little craft that I made for the kids.  They colored the pictures to look like themselves and then we took black paint and put a cross on the foreheads with their thumb.

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To see the a few of the final projects, just click here to see them on Instagram.  You don’t have to have an account and it’s worth it because they’re just adorable for being 3-5 years old!!



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