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Hello again!!

I know, my posts are few and far between. I try so hard, but blogging is just something that I’m not good at keeping up with. I’ll continue to try and I will get better as I get some balance.

I want to tell you about some new products in my stores.  Some educational materials….

AntsOnPicnicNumberMats byTheSchoolhouse SAMPLE1

Simple counting mats for 0-20 using an ant toy or the ones included.

SpringTimeFFG byTheSchoolhouse SAMPLE1

I also did a version of this called “Winter Time”. It’s a simple game to tell time to 5 minutes. Has extra time cards and movement/action cards.

SeasaonlWritingPrompts byElaineG 1SAMPLE

These seasonal prompts are available in 2 styles for each of the 4 seasons for a variety of ages/grades. They will write and draw on each page!


Christian products….

MyAngelClothespinCountingCards0-10 byTheSchoolhouse SAMPLE1

Clip cards for matching the numerals 0-10 to the number word.

TheFamilyTreeOfJacob chart&worksheet byTheSchoolhouse 1SAMPLE

There is a color and b&w version of this chart and the characters to add to the chart for the family tree of Jacob. It also includes a worksheet and answer keys.


And finally, my growing font collection….

OKieFontCollection1 SAMPLE-3

This is a set of 12 fonts, but it is a “growing” collection. That means that as I create new fonts, they’ll be added to the collection. Grab it now though because as fonts are added, the price will increase!


If you’re interested in any of these, you can visit either of my stores and select the view as “most recent”.  Visit “The Schoolhouse” at TPT if you click here and at TN if you click here.


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Let’s Have a Picnic!!

July is National Picnic Month.  It starts off the perfect way and the perfect time for a picnic.  And that great start is Independence Day!!  What’s better than celebrating the 4th of July with a cookout or picnic by the lake.

I’ve created a couple items to help celebrate National Picnic Month and get us ready for bbq-ing this summer and church picnics!!  First, there’s Ants on a Picnic Number Mats and we all know how pesky those ants can be!!  Ants are sorted onto the mats by the number indicated on the picnic basket.  You won’t be annoyed by these cute little ants though!!

Next, there’s 2 sets of Picnic Alphabet Writing Strips.  There’s a set for upper case….and a set for lower case.  I also made a sequencing puzzle called Sequence Teddy Bear’s Picnic.  It’s made from an adorable picture and they place the strips in order to complete the puzzle.

Finally, there’s some shadow matching cards.  These are What’s in the Picnic Basket? Shadow Match Cards.  There’s an image on the plate and it must be matched to the shadow of that image on the picnic basket.  What do you think it inside the picnic basket??

Here’s a sample collage of some of the pages….

If you’re interested in these picnic printables, please just click for each one below.

For Ants on a Picnic Number Mats, just click to….


For the Picnic Alphabet Writing Strips, just click to….


For the What’s in the Picnic Basket? Shadow Match, just click to….


And finally for Teddy Bear’s Picnic, just click to….


If you’re looking forward to summer picnics too….or use these games for your homeschool, classroom, or other location, please leave a comment and let me know how you and the kids like it. I’d also appreciate it if you’d click the buttons below (as well as in the side bar under “vote or rate The Schoolhouse”).

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